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Born and raised in the South, Herbert Goodwin Jr., grew up in a little town called Yemassee in South Carolina where he was raised by his father Herbert Goodwin Sr., who pastored Griffin Hill Holiness Church and his mother Jamesina Goodwin who worked hard to raise a fine young man with morals, standards, family values and respect for others. Herbert attended and graduated from Battery Creek High School of Beaufort, SC in 2001 then joined the United States Marine Corps to serve his Country for over 6 years. While serving in the US Marines during 2003, Herbert founded Razor Sharp Records as an independent record label and recording studio in New Bern, North Carolina as an entrepreneur and upcoming entertainer. Upon completion of Active Duty enlistment and while gaining knowledge through on the job experience at his first business, Herbert was eager to learn more about the film and music industry by furthering his education.


Herbert attended college at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida where he studied Entertainment Business and minored in Recording Arts to complete a Bachelors of Arts degree program. Upon completion of the degree program, Herbert returned to Beaufort, South Carolina where he would launch and continue to build his record company. Herbert launched Razor Sharp Records South in May of 2008 where the business began to boom until the recession hit. While the recession caused many businesses to close Herbert decided to downsize the company and relocated to Lady’s Island, SC where he would end up moving again but this time to Savannah, Georgia. Compelled by the Spirit of God and called to Ministry, Herbert decided to pursue entertainment projects that would inspire, educate and motivate others by spreading positive messages of hope thru media. Herbert began to pursue learning new ways to spread the gospel to the masses after taking a trip to Los Angeles, California where he participated with a ministry to feed and aid the homeless on Skid Row.


Upon returning from California, Herbert decided to help others by developing skills to aid in creating jobs by starting the American Career Development Corporation. With aid from family and friends Herbert desired to help create jobs and offer training programs within the media, music and film industry. Herbert decided to further his education by taking up theatre at Savannah State University. In 2015 after running a successful company in Savannah, Herbert decided to move the company to Atlanta, Georgia and transfer to Georgia State University where we would study film and theatre. The move proved to be most successful and allowed the company’s profit margin to grow within the right market with a great location.


Herbert currently is the CEO/Executive Producer of Razor Sharp Records South where is continues to manage entertainers, artists, comedians and performers while writing and producing theatrical and film projects.

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